Artist Services

Artist Development, Bookings and more!

Artist Services

Artist Services


Finding the right gigs for you or your band can be critical to your success. We go above and beyond to get you live and virtual bookings that are tailored to your genre.


We offer artists' guidance and mentorship, along with access to one-to-one sessions with industry professionals.


The success of an artist depends a lot on good marketing and branding. We offer a host of services to get your name out there.


Going into the music industry involves more than making music. There are record deals to be signed, intellectual property to be protected, and copyrights to establish. We act with your best interest in mind by facilitating contract terms.

Our Work

Our Work

Our Process

Our Process

We begin every artist meeting session by understanding what you are looking to achieve. The first part of the meeting is going over your  samples of your work,  social media accounts and any other platforms where your music is held.

We then let you know our scope of work and what we an offer you in terms of growing your career as an artist.

We go through the range of services that we offer from music and video production to bolstering your image as an artist. We will take you through each service that would take your career to the next step including professional photoshoots, creating a presskit, booking gigs and much more.


Artist Development is the process any musician goes through to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performance, marketing and social media.

Our Artist Development Plan bridges the gap between being a recreational, aspiring musician and becoming a professional by helping our clients with what they need in order to create a lucrative, long-lasting career in music.

We help the artist build a commercially viable product, establish a fan base, attain critical music business skills and create well-produced music and videos.

The next stage of the process is where we create the tools needed to get your name out there.

For music production, we have state-of-the-art recording equipment to make sure your songs are exactly how you want it.  Then we focus on developing your image with professional photoshoots, presskit creation and then we go the extra mile with getting your in the press  (social and traditional media coverage.)

This is all about getting your name out there and performing.

We will optimize your social media channels and get you prepared to drive in the best targeted audience for your music. 

We will guide you step by step while helping you build leverage. Our aim is to get on international music platforms, gain a strong following, ensure seamless digital distribution, get verified on social media and receive national exposure with event bookings.